Application for Certifying Non-Forest Land
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Land Detail /जमिनीचा तपशील



*Range/वनपरिक्षेत्र कार्यालय


*Bandobast Survey No. /सर्व्‍हे नं.(बंदोबस्त)

*Reconciliation Gat No. /गट नं.(एकत्रिकरण)

*Bhumapan Survey No.(After Resurveyed) /भुमापन सर्व्‍हे नं.

*Area in ha. /क्षेत्र हेक्‍टरमध्‍ये.

You have to upload following all documents. Please merge it in single file & then Upload
1       Copy of 7/12 extract copy and abhilekh panji

2       Copy of Bandobast Map Showing particular Survey No.(Obtained from TILR)

3       Reconciliaton Map (1:5000) (Obtained from TILR)

4       Copy of Resurveyed Map (1:5000) (Obtained from Talathi)

5       Copy of Renumbering Parcha.(Obtained from TILR)

6       Certificate of Ownership of Land(mandal adhikari/naib tahsildar

7       Certificate of Adjoining Boundary (East/West/North/South) (Obtained from Talathi)

8       Any Other Additional Document
       (like Land Dispute and status of Dispute matter in court or any other level)

9       Topo sheet (1:50000) wih site location

10       Village Map (1:5000) with site location

11       Ferfar Patrika

12       CZA Map(2019/2011)/ CZMP Map (2019/2011))

13       Development Plan (DP) of concerned authority with site location and Remark

14       Status of Mangroves as per MRSAC Map 2005

15       Property Card /Akhiv Partrik of Urban areas (within 3 months)

16       Details of Registration of company

17       Gut Book Map

18       Gut Scheme Map

19       Authorization letter from the company for application

20       Kml File

(max 1mb KML file )

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